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Legatoria Il Cartiglio

by Francesca Taurisano

The story of the Il Cartiglio bookbindery began in 1980 in an old bottega, or workshop of artisans, in Florence.

It was there that a man named Taurisano first took on bookbinding as a hobby, and then later made it full-time work for himself and his family.

The history of Florence is filled with stories like this of artisans who passed their skills on to their children and grandchildren.

Soon after Taurisano began his work with bookbinding, Taurisano's son left his unsatisfying work to make handmade paper.

And later, Taurisano's grandchildren, Francesca and her brother, spent several years studying papermaking under traditional craftsmen.

Eventually, Francesca and her brother began to produce their own handmade papers.

Using traditional papermaking techniques, they now make their own "marbleized" cards that at first appear similar to one another, yet are each one-of-a-kind works of art.

Francesca's mother, too, has learned the bookbinding art, first following the teachings of her father, Taurisano, and then later attending classes in old convents, where the ancient art of bookbinding and decoration is still alive.

Today, the entire family combines all of its ancient artisan skills with its modern tastes and ideas to bring you a line of elegant and sophisticated products.

Il Cartiglio's strength is in its exceptional artistry.

Everything is created by members of the family who seek out a variety of new materials and papers.

They use an assortment of leathers, aged in many different ways, and combine them to craft new and beautiful designs. Each piece is unique and produced with special care and attention to detail.

Il Cartiglio's handmade paper and leather products are world-renowned and are considered to be more than simply stationery or books, but prized possessions.