The historic pharmacy oldest in Europe, founded in Florence in the year 1612.
5 su 5 stelleReviewed on 12 December 2013

A friend of mine asked us to go there to buy some tea she loved. What a surprise, it is really a perfume & herb shop where items are made exactly the way they were centuries ago. Yes, everything is expensive, but it is the perfect place to pick up a precious small gift from Florence to take home.

5 su 5 stelleReviewed on 13 October 2013

Amazing and unique store on Via della Scala in Florence that gives you a glimpse at the luxury and class of the Florentine herb industry in a functioning commercial venue that takes you through the centuries to understand the grandeur of ancient times and all the way down to the modern days, passing through the era of Florence capital of Italy (1865 ca). For those who like movies they might recognize the main room as it features in a famous seen of the thriller movie Hannibal with Anthony Hopkins. A curious attraction that is worth the visit!-