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M.G. Design

by Maria Giovanna Cimino


In the heart of the historic centre of Florence, a few minutes from the Cathedral, the Church of Santa Croce and the Bargello Museum, the art studio of Maria Giovanna Cimino displays original and elegant hand-painted ceramics with bright and joyful colours.

Originally from Puglia, in southern Italy, Maria Giovanna has worked in her field for over 25 years.

Since her childhood, she has nourished a deep passion for painting, which she has cultived and applied to pottery, mastering the secrets of this craft and becoming an expert in colour mixing.

In 1996 Maria Giovanna succeeded in fulfilling her dream of creating her own designs in her studio in one of the most beautiful cities of Italy.

You can meet her in the heart of Florence, in Via Ghibellina, at 119r, and most likely catch her while she is painting, preparing a kiln, or even creating a new line.

In her creations she is inspired by the Tuscan landscape and by her southern native land. Poppies, bright flowers, vineyards, olive trees and country views are among her favourite scenes which she paints on trays, sets of dishes, bowls, vases, pitchers and other kitchenware and objects for your table. All these items are lead free and dishwasher safe.

Maria Giovanna will be very glad to take orders if you allow her the time to make each piece unique.

The products, once done, will be safely shipped to you and insured for possible damage.

One of Maria Giovanna's pieces in your home, is a splendid souvenir of your visit to Florence.